Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Waiting for Deliveries

The new washing machine (for clothes) is supposed to come today between 12 and 5pm. It is now 5:11pm and still no sign of the washing machine or the guy who's supposed to deliver it. Maybe we're at the end of the line and he had trouble with one of the other deliveries. That's a long time to wait for something that doesn't come. I could've gotten a lot of other things done today, but I assumed that since this is Norway the guy would be on time. Wrong assumption to make, apparently. Maybe Warren should've left his phone with me so the guy could call, or maybe it's actually coming next tuesday.
Ah well. At least I got a lot of mixing done, and I wasn't sitting around doing nothing. Tomorrow I'm going in to get some supplies so I can finish making one of the lower apartments ready for a tenant who's coming to look at it on May 23rd. Should be able to finish the projects in a couple days, and if I can get the supplies tomorrow that should be plenty of time. I'll probably also go shopping tomorrow for a few minor items. I got the 'deal flyers' today in my mailbox, and the prices are pretty insane when compared with the US. Fortunately I was able to open a bank account so my uncle can deposit funds if necessary while he's gone.

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