Friday, May 30, 2008

Getting the washing machine

So I was mixing some songs today (I think I was working on Ove's project) and I got a call from a random number. Turned out it was the company that Warren had ordered a washing machine and several other appliances from. He ordered them a couple weeks before he left, thinking they'd deliver them before he went to the US. Now finally, after more than a month, they had found my phone number and were sending them.
I guess they had called his phone after he left, but since he took the phone with him, of course he didn't have service where he was, and they didn't have a number for me since I didn't have a phone then. The lady that talked to me said she found my number on the internet... not quite sure how that would work - maybe she meant email. In any case, she said the washing machine was on its way.
About an hour later I got a call from them again - this time a guy letting me know they probably wouldn't get it to me today, but would try to get it to me early next week. Ok, cool. I've been waiting this long, I can wait a bit longer.
A couple hours later I got a call from the driver of the delivery truck, asking me where exactly my apartment was. So I gave him directions, and a few minutes later he drove up, delivered all the things, carried the washing machine up, and even took the old one with him. Pretty sweet. Now I can wash clothes whenever I want. =)

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