Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mixing and Making Movies

Today I just mixed and read and chilled out. You need some days of that, I think. Everything takes time, but at least I can choose my own pace. I worked on some of Ove's songs and finished reading a book called 'Peace Child' about missionaries in Irian Jaya/Indonesia during the 60s/70s. Quite a good read, I thought.

I'm continuing to explore the world of Mac. There are some cool programs, like iMovie and iPhoto. You have to learn their own little quirks though. Like iMovie won't let you separate actual movie file clips - if you record a 10-minute clip and decide you don't want half of it, you can't just delete the half - you have to export it as a separate movie file and then delete the original. And iPhoto won't let you create an album of multiple events that automatically updates itself when new photos are added to an event. Or maybe i just haven't figured out how to do these things yet...

But anyhow, I did figure out how to interface the Mbox mini with iMovie so I could record audio through my condenser mic while recording video. That was pretty cool. Here's the end result, which I uploaded to YouTube and Facebook. Not a bad sound, I think.

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