Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Glass and Food

Today I ventured out on my own to town for the first time since my uncle left (he left on Monday). I had to go get some work tools and materials at the local building supply store. To get there, I caught the 8:30 bus from Tyssedal, through Odda to Eiterheim on the other side of the fjord (I probably could have gotten there quicker by boat if i had one). A place called Montèr, which supplies most of the local contractors. I got a few things, but apparently they don't supply cut glass, just the whole windows, so I had to go somewhere else. They also don't have plumbing equipment. For a building supply store they sure didn't have a great selection - I had to walk down the road to find a 3-in-1 combination painter's tool at a smaller supply store, and learned that one of the glass cutter/supplier companies had an accident earlier in the week with broken glass and so none of them were at work. So I walked the rest of the way into Odda and ordered glass from the only other glass supplier in town.

I figured while I was there I should do some grocery shopping, and I'd brought my list - I managed to find S7302298.JPG everything. Mayonnaise is pretty expensive, I learned (what isn't), and comes in a squeeze container as if it were toothpaste. Probably the packaging is what is so expensive - although peanut butter comes in a jar but is still expensive. A small amount of either (the smallest jar in the US) costs $3-4. Wow! So if you come to Norway, expect to spend twice as much on food. I figured I'd include a picture so you can see. Notice the rice cooker (a must-have) and the cutting board, which comes standard in all Norwegian homes - it jut pulls out from underneath the counter, quite handy in my opinion. I haven't seen that in the US.

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